SecureEPLS gets added Features & another State Exclusion List


Edentech adds new features for all subscribers including more Grouping and Exporting options, additional price flexibility, and access to the Oregon Sanctioned Providers Database.

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SecureEPLS gets new features.


Edentech adds new features for all users to include Multiple Database Selection, More options for Scheduled Reports, and improved online Communications. All added to the base product for all users at no addtional cost.

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Edentech announces the release of SecureIR for Incident Reporting & Management


With Edentech's release of it's Incident Reporting and Management Solution, the entire CareSecureSuite of SaaS Solutions is now complete. This latest release features a product with a built-in workflow that is customizable to the end users environment, thus ensuring that the approval and distribution cycles follow a Client's established workflow.

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Edentech releases CareCoordinator for Home Care


Edentech announces the release of it's CareCoordinator for Home Care. This is an all new version of its legacy CareCoordinator product that has serviced Post Acute and Acute Care Providers for the last 9 years. This version is also a Web Hosted (SaaS) product and includes Caregiver Scheduling, Client Account Management with built in Care Plan, Client Visit Notes and time logging.

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Employment Background Screening services added to CareSafe&Secure Suite.


Edentech is proud to announce the release of SecureBackgrounds, it's newest component in the CareSafe&Secure Suite. SecureBackgrounds is a complimentary product to the highly successful SecureEPLS, it's Exclusion Screening SaaS product.

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CareCoordinator Upgrades in process


CareCoordinator Upgrade for Acute Care and Post Acute will be out this month. Faster code, and simpler user interface. Home Care version to follow in December.

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Incident Reporting App targeted for release by end of year.


SecureIR, our all new Incident Reporting and Management system is due out by the end of year. Currently in Beta. SecureIR, "Secure-I-R" will be another component in our Care, Safe & Secure Suite offered by subscription on SaaS platform

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Official Release of SecureRecalls, the newest Recalls Alerting and Management System


Edentech is proud to announce the release of, it's newest component in the Care, Safe & Secure Suite. SecureRecalls is a subscription service that provides clients with monitoring, searching, and alerting within minutes of a food, drug, device, consumer product, or vehicle recall. Inventory Matching and Remediation will be included as an update in September.

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SecureEPLS gets upgrade with Multi-user capability


Multi-user capability added to the SecureEPLS system, enhancing user account security and broadening the appeal of the service to companies needing multiple users to access and work with company files.

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