Edentech entered the Compliance services business in 2012 with a single purpose to make searching against excluded parties databases as easy as possible for our existing consulting clients. We found that our clients were spending hours (if not days) each month trying to manually search against disparate data-sets. Over time, we designed a way to bring all the databases into one place which eventually led to the creation of our web-based service Garland. We made Garland available to our clients at no cost as a courtesy. It's still free today and has grown to over 1100 user accounts.

As the Garland user base exercised the system they came up with several requests for additional features that would add significantly to the efficiency of using the system, and the value of the reports.  But the addition of these features added substantially to the cost of operating the site.  So these changes resulted in a need for a fee based subscription system, and SecureEPLS was born.  The revenues generated by SecureEPLS became the funding source for the additional program changes and the additional hosting costs for the growing number of users on Garland.  Today, SecureEPLS is the sole funding source for all Compliance activity conducted by Edentech.

SecureEPLS quickly became our flagship service as "the" exclusion screening subscription service for verifying vendors, employees, and contractors  against many databases of the federal and state governments.  Today it has every State list available, six Federal list, and the District of Columbia.  More on the way......

In June 2020, we officially released another compliance focused product, SecureRecalls.  SecureRecalls is a Food, Drug, Device, and Products Alerting and Management System.  This SaaS product has been in development and beta for over 2 years.  We really wanted to get it right!  We think we have.  This product helps Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Independent Living Campuses, and other facilities to improve their safety while reducing risk.  It is the newest available product to not only distribute and alert users on new Recalls, but also allows them to monitor their own inventory to insure Recalls are remediated.  More information is available at https://www.SecureRecalls.com .

Then in November 2020, we released another compliance product with broad appeal with our entry into the Employment Background Screening Services marketplace.  The product is SecureBackgrounds and it is a companion product to SecureEPLS and Garland.  With SecureBackgrounds we have an FCRA compliant screening product that includes Criminal Searches, Sex Offender searches, Credit Checking with FICO scores, drug testing and more.  See all of the offerings on the webpage at Secure-backgrounds.com or SecureBackgrounds.biz.

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