We are a software development company focused on building products primarily for the healthcare provider marketplace. Our primary focus is creating software that improves quality of care delivery and streamlines operations within healthcare provider practices and and physical facilities.

The applications within our healthcare product suite are all Software as a Service delivery model. Our focus areas includes long-term care, elder care campus's, acute care facilities, medical practices and specialties, and ancillary service providers. Outside of healthcare, we also do custom software development and project management on a per-project basis. Our development competencies include cloud architecture, web application development, mobile application development, and data analysis.

Our experiences in both technology and healthcare over the last 30 years have helped shape our vision on what works and what does not work when you want to start a new project. When you depend on our products you’ll see that they’re engineered based on sound technical and business knowledge. And when you work with our engineers for your next development project, you'll get access to all of our experiences learned from both successes and failures.

What makes us go is our thirst to turn technology into business advantage. We live for the opportunity to convert what we know as developers into real life advantages for people. It's this drive that led us to form the company and pursue opportunities to do it a little bit better, faster, and more affordably.